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Geyser Installation Requirements

The following components are required on all new Geyser installations to
meet the SABS Safety requirements. All Geysers, new or old, must be
maintained according to these standards...

(5) Drain cock
(6) Safety valve
(12) Vaccuum Breakers
(2) Thermostat... set to around 60 degrees C
(4) Pressure Control valve
(10) Drip Tray & (11) outlet pipe

Additionally here are some tips and products you may want to use to improve
the functionallity and performace of your Geyser. 
  • Regular Servicing
    • replace the following parts every 3 years: 
    • (2)   Thermostat, 
    • (3)   Anode, 
    • (12) Vaccuum breakers
  • Hot water pipe Lagging
    • Insulating hot water pipe to reduce standing heat loss.
    • also prevents water freezing in pipes during winter
  • Insulating Geyser Blanket
    • A thermal blanket fits Snug around the geyser cylinder