Geysers  /  Hot Water Cylinders  &  Geyser peripherals


  • Electrical, Gas and Solar    
    • Installation of electrical, gas and solar geysers.  (Domestic,  Commercial  &  Industrial)            
     Geyser Installations
      Replacement of burst geysers and the installation
      of   new   geysers. 

     Servicing Geysers and Replacement of Faulty    
       1.   Thermostats, 
       2.   Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV)
       3.   Pressure control valves (PCV)
       4.   Pressure expansion valves 
       5.   Safety relief valves 
       6.   Anodes
       7.   Vacuum breakers

  • Compliance Certificates
    • Compliance inspections on new and existing geyser installations
    • Issuing of compliance certificates 
    • All in accordance with SABS SANS 10254 specifications 
    • Registered with the Institute Of Plumbing of SA (IOPSA) 
  • Upgrading of existing NON SABS compliant Geyser Installations
    • Supply and installation of 
    • Drip trays  
    • Vacuum breakers
    • Pressure valves
    • Shut off valves
    • Safety valve outlet pipes (22 mm Metal pipe) 

  • Geyser Insulating to reduce electricity consumption
    • Supply and installation of 
    • Geyser blankets 
    • Lagging on hot water supply pipes
  • Multiple Geyser Installation
    • Installing new or upgrading of existing geyser installations to include multiple units 
    • Installations running in either parallel or series configuration
         All Geysers must be Installed and maintained according to
and safe functionality.

Click here for our summery of these requirements.

Incorrect geyser installations are both Illegal and     dangerous
and will affect the 5 year
guarantee supplied by the geyser company.